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How Hourly Legal Fees Work at Regular Firms.

Hourly legal fees are the standard billing structure traditionally used by law firms. Whatever their hourly rate, firms will bill you in “tenths.” A tenth is 1/10th of an hour, or six minutes, or any portion thereof. So, a 10 second phone call is one tenth. A letter that takes 7 minutes to dictate is 2 tenths, and so on. If you’re paying $225/hour, it's easy to see how hourly legal fees spiral out of control.

The BadgerLawyer’s Hourly Fee Program.

Because some cases are unpredictable, hourly billing is a reality, the Badger offers hourly billing on some cases as well.

The difference is we draw a line between “legal work” and “busy work.”

We want you to stay up to date about what is going on in your case, so we don’t want you to hesitate to call and check in. If we spend 30 seconds on the phone, we’re not going to charge you. If we shoot a couple emails back and forth, we’re not going to bill you for that. We’re going to bill you for things like going to court, writing a motion, depositions, legal research, and so on. It’s more important to us for you to trust us and feel fairly dealt with than to squeeze every dollar out of you that we can.

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