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In some cases a lawyer is able to look at the case the way a builder looks at a construction project. Sure, there’s a lot of variables – weather, supply costs, labor – but at the end of the project it’s going to be the same house, regardless.

Some cases are able to be estimated the same way a builder specs a house. The lawyer can make an educated guess and offer to do the job for a set price called a flat fee. Typically, the lawyer offers a discount on the price compared to an hourly rate, and the client agrees to pay the entire price up front. The client gets a substantial discount and the certainty of knowing he won’t be receiving bills every month for random (and large) amounts. Not all lawyers will do cases on flat fees.

The Badger is a big fan of flat fees.

At BadgerLawyer, we really like flat fees, because the “money” is taken care of at the beginning, and the lawyer and the client can then focus on what’s important – the case.

The Badger is always looking for ways to offer flat fees in new situations. We already offer flat fees in most criminal cases, some family law cases, bankruptcies, wills and trusts, business formation, and more! Call to learn more about specific flat fee arrangements.

We are always happy to extend a flat fee offer to a new type of case, if possible. If you are in a business where you have a recurring legal need, whether it’s contract review, small claims, or anything else, call us to set up a meeting. We’ll interview you about your recurring need and put together a proposal for a flat fee for those cases to save money on those projects.

If you are in need of our services, you can Contact Us or post your request on our Blog.