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What is a contingency fee?

A Contingent Fee is a fee you owe a lawyer only in the event he brings about an agreed upon result. When you hear a lawyer say “You don’t pay a penny unless I get you a settlement,” the lawyer is talking about a contingency fee.

Contingent fees are fairly high, ranging up to 40% of the settlement. Despite this high percentage, contingent fees are a good deal for many people because they otherwise would not be able to afford a lawyer to help them, and because a good lawyer can usually negotiate a significantly higher settlement that more than covers the lawyer’s fee.

The BadgerLawyer Difference.

But here’s a little known secret. Contingency fees are also a really good deal for the lawyers. To say that there is room to handle these cases for less is an understatement.

The Badger offers two standard discount contingency fee arrangements.

Our standard contingent rate is 33.33%, close to 7% less than the industry standard. If your case settled for $100,000, that’s close to $7,000 more for you. This fee provides complete litigation of your personal injury case, including the Badger fronting all the expenses associated with the case, such as filing fees and deposition costs.

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