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A Criminal Charge

A criminal charge is a real gut blow. There’s cops saying you broke the law. You're in cuffs. You're going to jail.

It’s a really bad time to make a decision. But there you are, faced with one of the most important decisions of your life. Plead guilty to a criminal offense, mark your record for life. Or go to trial and try to prove your innocence.

All based on a rational analysis of whether you have any defense to a statute full of legalese you can barely understand.

Criminal Law Information
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This site is meant to help you educate yourself, and if you have to go it alone, hopefully give you some knowledge. But I have to encourage you, if there’s anyway you can, get help. Comb through all the knowledge on these pages, visit our contact page, call a lawyer, us or someone else. Even if all you can afford is to have someone review your case and answer your questions.

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Criminal Law, OWI, Law Suits and Estate Planning
Family Law, Personal Injury and Business Law
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Criminal Law, OWI, Law Suits and Estate Planning